What is agent in Jira Service Desk?

Agents are licensed users who work on customer requests and add customers to the service project. Agents are added to the Service Desk Team role in your service project. Agents can: view the portal, queues, reports and SLA metrics within a service project. … manage customers and organizations.

How do I add agents to Jira Service Desk?

Add your agents

  1. In your project sidebar, select Invite team.
  2. Enter the email addresses for your new agents and select Invite 3 people.
  3. The agents are added to the Service Desk Team role in Project settings > Users and roles.

What are Jira Service Desk components?

Components are used to organize or group customer requests in a service desk project. You could set up a component for systems that your teams are responsible for (e.g. company intranet), and then set a default assignee so that any customer request about that system is assigned to the agent who manages it.

How many customers can an agent manage from a single Jira service desk project?


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Free Standard
User limit (per site) Free 3 agents Standard 5,000 agents
Site limit ? Free One Standard One
Customer limit Free Unlimited Standard Unlimited
Support team Free Atlassian Community (Self-help forum) Standard Cloud support team (Regional business hours)

Is Service Desk a good job?

Working the IT help desk can be a great entry-level job. As a help desk professional, your core responsibilities are to provide technical help and support; that could mean setting up and repairing computers or responding to a customer’s question about how to use their computer.

Is Service Desk a BWH?

The address is peoplesoftportal.partners.org/public. The IT Help Desk (617-732-5927) is available to help with any PeopleSoft issues. Make sure you have your user name (nt logon) and your device number (found on a label on the front of your computer with the BWH logo on it).

What is the difference between Jira and Jira Service Desk?

Jira Service Desk is for teams who receive incoming issues/requests from other teams/customers. … Unlike JIRA, JIRA Service Desk requires licensing only to your agents.

Who can access Jira Service Desk?

Under Service project access, choose Anyone with an existing account on your Jira site.

To do this, the Jira admin should:

  • Go to Settings ( ) > Products > Jira Service Management > Configuration.
  • Find Customer Permissions.
  • For Can customers create their own accounts?, select No, only my team can create accounts.

What are roles in Jira?

A Jira application project role is a flexible way to associate users and/or groups with a particular project. Unlike groups, which have the same membership throughout Jira applications, project roles have specific members for each project. Users may play different roles in different projects.

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What are epics in Jira?

An epic is a large body of work that can be broken down into a number of smaller stories, or sometimes called “Issues” in Jira. Epics often encompass multiple teams, on multiple projects, and can even be tracked on multiple boards. Epics are almost always delivered over a set of sprints.

How do I use components in Jira Service Desk?

Choose Project Settings. Choose Components in the left menu. The Components page is displayed, showing a list of components and each component’s details. From here you can manage the project’s components (ie add or remove components).

Is Jira an ITSM tool?

Is Jira an ITSM tool? Short answer: a resounding yes. Jira from Atlassian is loved the world over for its customisable planning, project, and tracking tools.

Is Jira service management replacing Jira Service Desk?

Jira Service Management will replace Jira Service Desk Cloud over the next three weeks, with an automatic update for cloud customers. The new product more deeply integrates incident management features from Opsgenie without requiring cloud customers to make a separate purchase.

What is a customer in Jira?

Customers are people who request help from your service project. … You can delete a customer’s account if they’re no longer needed in your Jira site.