How do I create a workflow scheme active in Jira?

How do I activate workflow?

Follow these steps to activate a workflow in the workflow editor.

  1. Click Save and close to close the workflow editor. The Save workflow form is displayed.
  2. Enter comments about the changes that you made to the workflow.
  3. Click OK. The Activate workflow form is displayed.
  4. Click Activate the new version.

How do I change the workflow scheme in Jira?

Configuring a workflow scheme outside of a project

  1. Select > Issues.
  2. Under WORKFLOWS, click Workflow Schemes.
  3. Click Edit for the relevant workflow.
  4. Edit your workflow scheme as needed. What do you want to do? Steps. Add a workflow to the scheme. …
  5. Publish your draft to make your changes active.

How do I assign a workflow to a project in Jira?

Select the new workflow to use with your project:

  1. Choose Projects and select a starred or recent project, or choose View all projects and select a project.
  2. From your project’s sidebar, select Project settings > Workflows.
  3. Click Add workflow and choose Add Existing.
  4. Select your new workflow and click Next.

What is difference between workflow and workflow scheme in Jira?

A workflow scheme defines a set of associations – or mappings – between a workflow and an issue type. Workflow schemes are associated with a project and make it possible to use a different workflow for every combination of project and issue type. By default, projects use Jira’s system workflow.

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How do you make an inactive workflow?

In the Workflow Editor, click a workflow on which you need to be able to change the Active flag. To the left of the workflow name, click the menu icon. Click Checkout. Because a new version has been created, the Set Inactive option is available.

How do I manage Workflows in Jira?

Choose Administration ( ) > Projects, and select the relevant project. The Project Summary page is displayed. Click Workflows on the left of the Project Summary page (you can also click the More link in the Workflows section in the middle of the screen). This is the current workflow scheme used by the project.

What are the five steps of workflow in Jira?

Each item could be stored in JIRA Software as an issue, and administered in the following simple workflow:

  • Statuses: where. …
  • Transitions: how. …
  • Assignees: who. …
  • Resolutions: why. …
  • Gather all of your stakeholders. …
  • Keep the workflow simple: less is more.

What is a scheme in Jira?

A JIRA scheme is a collection of configured values that can be used by one or more JIRA projects. For example, a Notification scheme describes who receives email when issues are changed. The same Notification scheme can be used by more than one JIRA project.

What is the use of confluence in Jira?

Adding Confluence gives you the power to organize all of the ideas, content, and files that you and your team create as you bring your vision to life. When you link a Jira Software project to the Confluence space where all your project documentation lives, you eliminate the need for shared drives and file folders.

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What are the features of JIRA?


  • The ability to plan agile work from project backlog to sprints.
  • Fully customizable Kanban and Scrum boards.
  • The ability to estimate time for issues as you prioritize your backlog.
  • Robust reporting features, ranging from burndown charts to velocity measurements.
  • Customizable workflows to fit your frameworks.