Your question: How do I rename a Kanban board in Jira?

Go to your board, then select more (•••) > Board settings. 2. On the board settings screen, click the ‘pencil’ icon (which will appear when you hover) to edit the name of your board. Press the Enter key when finished.

How do I customize my Kanban board in Jira?

Board customization

In your board, go to Board > Configure. Add statuses and change the workflow to suit your team structure. For instance if you want to show testing progress separate to dev progress, add a column. You can also switch on an indicator to help identify slow moving issues.

How do I update my board in Jira?

Choose the Jira icon ( or ) > Jira settings. Choose Issues > Workflows. Find the board workflow for the project and click Edit.

Can I rename a label in Jira?

JIRA does not allow to rename labels from UI.

How do I rename a field in Jira?

When the configure page loads, on the left side, you’ll see the nav menu that says “columns” click it. For the column that you want to rename, click the column name, such as “Done” you’ll see the pencil icon that will let you rename the column. Thank you very much!

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Is Jira a Scrum or Kanban?

Since Jira version 7. x, Jira Agile has become Jira Software, which is a tool developed by Atlassian and designed to support Agile methodologies – both Scrum and Kanban – within Jira.

Are there sprints in kanban?

“Kanban isn’t necessarily focused on cross-functional teams and it doesn’t use sprints.

How do I create a dashboard in Jira?

Create your dashboard

  1. From your project in Jira click Dashboards and View all Dashboards.
  2. In the top right you can click on Create dashboard.
  3. Fill in the name.
  4. Start from a blank dashboard.
  5. For Shared with select Public and click Add.
  6. Click Create.

Who can configure boards in Jira?

Changing a board’s administrators

A board’s administrator is the only person who can change the configuration of a board along with Jira administrator users. By default, the administrator of a board includes the person who created it.

How do I manage labels in Jira?

Adding and removing labels in Jira issues

  1. Open the issue you wish to label.
  2. Click on the pencil icon next to the Labels field in the Details section of the issue. The Labels dialog box will appear. …
  3. To add a label, either select one from the list or create a new one by simply typing it.

How do I change label color in Jira?

You simply have to go to your backlog en clic on Epics on the left side. You will have a list of your Epics. By clicking on the triangle (or three red dots), you will be able to change the Epic color.

How do I change a label in Confluence?

If you’re editing or creating a page, and you want to add labels, choose the Edit label icon at the top of the page.

Label a page or blog post

  1. At the bottom of the page, choose Edit labels or hit L on your keyboard.
  2. Type in a new label (existing labels are suggested as you type)
  3. Choose Add.
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How do I change the default field configuration in Jira?

In Jira Cloud, it’s still not possible to modify the default “System Default Field Configuration” field configuration scheme. You’ll need to create a new field configuration scheme, then apply it to your target projects. Once you do that, you can take advantage of issue type-specific field configurations.