What is lean in agile project management?

Lean focuses on maximizing efficiency by removing waste, minimizing costs, and managing flow. Together, you have a project and process management approach that supports responsiveness to change while pursuing continuous improvement through process and systems analysis.

What is meant by Lean and Agile?

Lean encourages teams to deliver fast by managing flow, limiting the amount of WIP (work-in-process) to reduce context switching and improve focus. Agile teams manage flow by working in cross-functional teams on delivering one iteration at a time.

What is difference between Agile and Lean?

Agile aims to deliver working software as quickly as possible. … The difference is that in Lean thinking, teams increase speed by managing flow (usually by limiting work-in-process), whereas in Agile, teams emphasize small batch sizes to deliver quickly (often in sprints).

What does Lean mean in project management?

The Project Management Institute sums it up: “To be Lean is to provide what is needed, when it is needed, with the minimum amount of materials, equipment, labor, and space.” Lean manufacturing identifies three types of waste: muda, muri, and mura (known collectively as the 3M).

Is Lean an Agile method?

A truly Lean-Agile process incorporates elements of both continuous delivery and continuous improvement, optimized across the entire value stream. Kaizen focuses on improving processes that enable Agile teams and organizations to reach their goals of frequent, iterative value delivery.

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What are the 7 lean principles?

The seven Lean principles are:

  • Eliminate waste.
  • Build quality in.
  • Create knowledge.
  • Defer commitment.
  • Deliver fast.
  • Respect people.
  • Optimize the whole.

What are the 4 key values of Agile?

The four core values of Agile software development as stated by the Agile Manifesto are:

  • individuals and interactions over processes and tools;
  • working software over comprehensive documentation;
  • customer collaboration over contract negotiation; and.
  • responding to change over following a plan.

Is Kanban Lean or Agile?

Both frameworks follow Agile and Lean principles. Scrum is a specific implementation of Agile. Kanban is a specific implementation of Lean.

How do you Lean Devops?

Below are the five core principles that guide lean thinking for project managers.

  1. Identify Value. Defining the value of a given product is crucial. …
  2. Map the Value Stream. The value is the end goal of the project. …
  3. Create Flow. …
  4. Employ a Pull Approach. …
  5. Seek Perfection.

What are the 5 S of Lean Six Sigma?

The 5S pillars, Sort (Seiri), Set in Order (Seiton), Shine (Seiso), Standardize (Seiketsu), and Sustain (Shitsuke), provide a methodology for organizing, cleaning, developing, and sustaining a productive work environment.

What is a good example of lean thinking?

The basic insight of lean thinking is that if you train every person to identify wasted time and effort in their own job and to better work together to improve processes by eliminating such waste, the resulting culture (basic thinking, mindset & assumptions) will deliver more value at less expense while developing …