What is hardening sprint in Scrum?

A Hardening Sprint is a specialized sprint dedicated to stabilizing the code base so that it is robust enough for release; it is often necessary because the Team failed to use an appropriate Standard of Care when it did its work.

Is hardening sprint allowed in Scrum?

There is no hardening Sprint in Scrum. As a Scrum Team, ensure that your Definition of Done reflects “releasable” at any given moment in time. High product quality is a cornerstone of every successful Scrum team. You won’t achieve that level if running hardening Sprints becomes a habit.

What is a hardening sprint in Agile?

A hardening sprint is used by Quality teams to finalise a product for release. This often requires project team to stop working on any new features. All available resources are deployed to stabilising the release.

Is it normal to have a hardening sprint?

Hardening sprint is bad practice, but it can be a painkiller. The best answer to a situation where everything already went wrong. So when the slightest idea of it comes to you or your customer, try to think about the reasons behind it, the alternative solutions you can come up with.

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What is a hardening cycle?

Hardening of steel is achieved by transforming the ferrite+pearlite phases to austenite phase by heating and subsequently by transforming the austenite phase to martensite phase by cooling.

Is there sprint 0 in Scrum?

From official scrum guide – there is no Sprint 0. In practical world, when a team sets out to adopt Scrum – usually Sprint 0 is used for the first time to adopt the scrum framework in the current business process.

How do I stop sprint hardening?

Have cleanup chores in every sprint until it’s clean enough. That’s my advice. Great engineering teams avoid things like hardening sprints by doing things such as continuous integration, adopting XP practices, automating regression tests and adhering to a strict Standard of Care.

What are sprint 0 activities?

“Sprint Zero” is a euphemism sometimes used to describe the initialization of an agile project. It can include such activities as the drafting of a Product Backlog, infrastructure set-up, architectural envisioning, and the resourcing of team members.

What are 5 Scrum values?

Scrum Values. A team’s success with Scrum depends on five values: commitment, courage, focus, openness and respect.

What should do the Scrum team during the hardening Sprint?


  1. Slow down. Don’t focus on speed – instead, focus on quality. (Which should result in the team focus of learning. …
  2. Deliver working software at the end of every Sprint. (Which should refocus on Definition of “Done” and Agile Test Engineering Practices.) Consider Pattern: Teams that Finish Early Improve Faster.

How frequently should Scrum users inspect Scrum artifacts and progress toward a Sprint goal?

Sprints enable predictability by ensuring inspection and adaptation of progress toward a Sprint Goal at least every calendar month.

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What is done in Sprint retrospective?

The Scrum sprint retrospective is a timeboxed meeting that takes place after the sprint review and before sprint planning. Its purpose is to: Examine how the just-completed sprint went as far as people, relationships, processes, and tools. Identify and order what went well.

What are the types of hardening?

Some common types of hardening include strain hardening, solid solution strengthening, precipitation hardening, and quenching and tempering.

What is the process of hardening?

Hardening heat treatments invariably involve heating to a sufficiently high temperature to dissolve solute-rich precipitates. The metal is then rapidly cooled to avoid reprecipitation; often this is done by quenching in water or oil.