What are the 49 processes in project management?

What are the 47 processes of project management?

Summary of 47 Processes from PMBOK 5th Ed. Guide

  • Project Integration Management.
  • Project Integration Processes.
  • Develop Project Charter.
  • Develop Project Management Plan.
  • Direct and Manage Project Work.
  • Monitor and Control Project Work.
  • Perform Integrated Change Control.
  • Close Project or Phase.

How many project processes are there?

The project life cycle includes the steps required for project managers to successfully manage a project from start to finish. There are 5 phases to the project life cycle (also called the 5 process groups)—initiating, planning, executing, monitoring/controlling, and closing.

What are the 49 processes?

The following table contains the 10 knowledge areas and the 49 processes:

  • Project Integration Management. …
  • Project Scope Management. …
  • Project Schedule Management. …
  • Project Cost Management. …
  • Project Quality Management. …
  • Project Resource Management. …
  • Project Communications Management. …
  • Project Risk Management.

What is a project life cycle?

A project management life cycle is a framework comprising a set of distinct high-level stages required to transform an idea of concept into reality in an orderly and efficient manner.

What is the pass rate for the PMP?

PMP Passing Rate (How many people pass the exam?) 40% of the surveyed project management experts opined that passing rate for PMP exam is less than 50%.

What are the 33 project documents?

Project Documents include project charter, statement of work, contracts, requirements documentation, stakeholder register, change control register, activity list, quality metrics, risk register, issue log, and other similar documents.

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