Quick Answer: Why are agile guitars so cheap?

They are actually very high-quality guitars, the only reason they are so cheap is because they are made in Korea. As for wood, they are made of good wood, I think it’s either basswood or mahogany. When buying an AL-2000/2500, it would be best to replace the pups with something a little better.

Are Agile guitars good?

It’s an excellent guitar for the price. It’s Korean made. If you compare it with Epiphone LP Standard, Agile has better woods,hardware and better craftmanship and cheaper. I’ve played a couple of Epis before but none of them was better than my Agile.

Where are agile guitars made?

Agile guitars are not made by Rondo Music. They are made in Korean by the same factories that produce Korean guitars for ALL of the major brands.

Does Agile still make guitars?

There are now severe shortages in parts required to build guitars. … As a result we expect to completely run out of Agile guitars sometime in the month of May and most SX guitars by the end of June. We do expect resupply, but not until the end of summer or fall depend on if all the parts companies survive the shutdown.

What are good cheap guitar brands?

Top 10 Budget Guitar Brands

  • Epiphone.
  • Squier and Fender.
  • Yamaha.
  • Ibanez.
  • Dean.
  • Jackson.
  • Cordoba.
  • Schecter.
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Are Rondo guitars any good?

Not as bad as the pricetag suggests, not as good as the hype suggests. They’re solid mid-level guitars for a reasonable price, but you’re not going to get anything breathtaking.

What is the best guitar under $200?

Top 10 Best Acoustic Guitars Under 200 Dollars

  • Epiphone DR-100 Acoustic Guitar. …
  • Ibanez IJV50 Acoustic Guitar. …
  • Ibanez AW54OPN Artwood Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar. …
  • Jasmine S34C NEX Acoustic Guitar. …
  • Fender CD-60S Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar. …
  • Yamaha JR1 3/4-Scale Acoustic Guitar. …
  • Fender Squier Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar.