Question: What is a theme in agile?

A theme is a wide area of focus that helps an Agile team to keep track of their organizational goals — think of it as a label that can be used to group similar activities. A theme helps to define the common characteristics between different areas and unite them under one heading.

What is theme in Scrum?

A scrum theme is the highest level of the story hierarchy. It describes a view of a tangible product or an abstract goal (such as performance tuning). A product owner further breaks down a theme into one or more epics.

What is theme in user story?

Theme or epics cannot be completed in one sprint so they are broken into more user stories and subsequently a group of related tasks. Epics are then delivered in releases. But even small user stories from different epics can have something in common. Such a group of user stories is called a theme.

What is an epic theme?

Many epics share themes having to do with the importance of hospitality and loyalty. … An epic is normally defined as a long narrative poem about the exploits of a national hero. Epics carry a culture’s history, values, myths, legends, and traditions from one generation to the next.

What is higher than an epic in agile?

In the same way that epics are made up of stories, initiatives are made up of epics. Initiatives offer another level of organization above epics. In many cases, an initiative compiles epics from multiple teams to achieve a much broader, bigger goal than any of the epics themselves.

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What are the 6 elements of an epic?

Six Elements Of The Epic:

  • Plot centers around a Hero of Unbelievable Stature. …
  • Involves deeds of superhuman strength and valor. …
  • Vast Setting. …
  • Involves supernatural and-or otherworldly forces. …
  • Sustained elevation of style. …
  • Poet remains objective and omniscient.

Is an epic a feature?

Epics contain features that span multiple releases and help deliver on the initiatives. And features are specific capabilities or functionality that you deliver to end-users — problems you solve that add value for customers and for the business.

What JIRA is used for?

Jira is a software application used for issue tracking and project management. The tool, developed by the Australian software company Atlassian, has become widely used by agile development teams to track bugs, stories, epics, and other tasks.