Question: What are features in Scrum?

A Feature is a service that fulfills a stakeholder need. Each feature includes a benefit hypothesis and acceptance criteria, and is sized or split as necessary to be delivered by a single Agile Release Train (ART) in a Program Increment (PI).

What is a feature in a user story?

Essentially, a feature is a user story or a group of stories (epic) that are related and deliver a package of functionality that end users would generally expect to get all at once.

What is a feature in agile Scrum?

What is a feature? In Agile methodologies, the features represent a chunk of functionality that delivers considerable business value, and that fulfills a stakeholder need. Features are a collection of user stories.

What is an example of a feature in agile?

It may include epics like “Book Management” and “Magazine Management”. Another technical feature could be a “Purchase Products”. Without being able to buy a book we cannot achieve the “selling” part of the goal, therefore the solution cannot do without it.

What are the steps in Scrum?

The scrum models have 5 steps also called phases in scrum.

  1. Step 1: Product Backlog Creation. …
  2. Step 2: Sprint planning and creating backlog. …
  3. Step 3: Working on sprint. …
  4. Step 4: Testing and Product Demonstration. …
  5. Step 5: Retrospective and the next sprint planning.
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What are the 6 Scrum principles?

What are the key scrum principles?

  • Control over the empirical process. Transparency, evaluation, and adaptation underlie Scrum methodology.
  • Self-organization. …
  • Collaboration. …
  • Value-based prioritization. …
  • Timeboxing. …
  • Iterative development.

Is a feature the same as a user story?

A feature is something your product has or is… this is typically functionality offered by a software program that enables users to do something. … User stories identify what someone wants to accomplish with your product and why. User stories are placeholders for a conversation.

What are user stories in agile?

What are agile user stories? A user story is the smallest unit of work in an agile framework. It’s an end goal, not a feature, expressed from the software user’s perspective. A user story is an informal, general explanation of a software feature written from the perspective of the end user or customer.

Is an epic a feature?

Epics contain features that span multiple releases and help deliver on the initiatives. And features are specific capabilities or functionality that you deliver to end-users — problems you solve that add value for customers and for the business.