How long is the Illinois agility test?

course layout: The length of the course is 10 meters and the width is 5 meters. Four cones are used to mark the start, finish and the two turning points. Another four cones are placed down the center an equal distance apart. Each cone in the center is spaced 3.3 meters apart.

What is the distance of the Illinois agility test?

The length of the course is 10 metres, the width (and thus the distance between the start and finish points) is 5 metres (5 lanes on a track). 4 cones can be used to mark the start, finish and the two turning points. Each cone in the centre is spaced 3.3 metres apart.

How is the Illinois agility test carried out?

The Illinois agility test is a fitness test designed to test one’s sport agility. … The aim of the test is to complete the running course in the shortest possible time. Cones mark the course. The subject starts face down, with the head to the start line and hands by the shoulders.

What is a good time for the agility test?

Illinois Agility Test Norms

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Rating Males (seconds) Females (seconds)
Above Average 15.2 – 16.1 17.0 – 17.9
Average 16.2 – 18.1 18.0 – 21.7
Below Average 18.2 – 19.3 21.8 – 23.0

How reliable is the Illinois agility test?

The study found that the tests including the IAT had excellent interrater reliability and moderate to good test-retest reliability. The study found that these tests including the IAT provided a comprehensive assessment of high level mobility.

How do you test coordination?

Coordination is evaluated by testing the patient’s ability to perform rapidly alternating and point-to-point movements correctly. Ask the patient to place their hands on their thighs and then rapidly turn their hands over and lift them off their thighs.

What is the t-test for agility?

Agility T-Test. The T-Test is a simple running test of agility, involving forward, lateral, and backward movements, appropriate to a wide range of sports. purpose: the T-Test is a test of agility for athletes, and includes forward, lateral, and backwards running.

What is a good broad jump for a 14 year old?

Table 2.

Age/Percentile 10 50
12 137.4 163.5
13 135 167.5
14 130.3 166
15 132.2 170

What are the benefits of Hexagon agility test?

The Hexagonal Agility test is a measure of speed, agility and the ability to change direction while maintaining a sound balance (foundation). Increasing agility while maintaining speed facilitates advantages over opponents and helps to move quickly into position in order to enhance tactics and technique (skills).

How many seconds are in a hexagon agility test?

Time how long it takes you to complete three circuits of the hexagon: 12 seconds or less is excellent; 13–17 seconds, good; 18–22 seconds, fair; more than 22 seconds, poor.

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