How does Scrum deal with technical debt?

Including the technical debt items in the product backlog. Make us of the metrics to identify and quantify the technical debt. Ensure transparency of the technical debt in the product backlog. Ensure balance in the short term goals.

How do Scrum teams deal with technical debt?

Use code metrics to track technical debt, for example, cyclomatic complexity, code coverage, SQALE-rating, rule violations. … Pay down technical debt regularly every single sprint. Consider allocating 15 to 20 percent of the Development Team’s capacity each Sprint to handle refactoring and bug fixing.

What happens when technical debt increases in Scrum?

Technical debt can rise to the level where the team can add no new functionality to a product. … Dealing with technical debt issues may cause your team to overestimate their backlog items. Thus, fewer backlog items can be completed during a Sprint because the estimates begin to add up quickly.

How do you avoid technical debt in Scrum?

Take a look at these ideas for reducing technical debt in scrum.

  1. Mention Technical Debt in Stand-Up. …
  2. Adjust Your Definition of Done. …
  3. Refine Your Code Review Process. …
  4. Create Tickets in Your Backlog. …
  5. Add a Project to Your Product Roadmap. …
  6. Always Provide Value.

What is the relationship between technical debt and transparency?

When the impact of defects and technical debt (waste), is made transparent, we create an opportunity for the Scrum Team to inspect their quality practices. Adaptations that reduce technical debt and prevent defects can ultimately lower the total cost of ownership of the product. That is music to a Product Owner’s ears.

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