How do I manage team notifications?

How do I turn off Microsoft Team notifications?

Manage Conversation Notifications

Go to the beginning of a conversation in a channel, then go to the top right corner of the message and select More options > Turn off notifications from the dropdown menu. Notifications for this conversation can be turned back on if you change your mind.

How do I manage email notifications in my team?

In order to manage notifications in Microsoft Teams, you’ll need to go to the Teams app on iOS and Android, and tap the hamburger menu on the left side of the app; it looks like three horizontal lines. After that, click Settings, followed by notifications.

How do I change where Teams notifications pop up?

Click on your profile picture in the top right corner of Teams. Choose Settings – Notifications. This will give you a long list of customisable options. Select from the dropdown next to each to choose how you want to be notified.

How do I get team notifications on my phone?

Open the Settings app. Tap Notification Manager. Select Notify for Teams to receive push notifications.

First, list Teams as a protected app:

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Tap Power Saving > Protected apps.
  3. Toggle Teams to enable.
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Can you move Microsoft Teams notifications?

Currently we cannot change the notification location. In this scenario, you can try to feedback in Teams UserVoice website to share your ideas and expectations with our product team. Any ideas are important to help us improve Teams.

How do I move my pop up team?

System Preferences -> Displays -> Arrangement. Move the menu bar to the display for which you want the pop-ups.

Does Teams know if you screenshot?

As of now, MS Teams doesn’t notify if someone takes a screenshot using any snipping tool. Rest assured that the Microsoft monitors and reviews each customer’s feedback and ideas, some features would be added into the product and services based on customer feedback in the future.

Does Microsoft teams have sound notifications?

Notification sounds can be on or off

To choose if a sound plays with new notifications and calls, select your profile picture at the top-right corner of Teams, then Settings > Notifications > Play sounds for incoming calls and notifications. This setting is on by default.

How do I get chat notifications on my team?

Notification settings are under Settings and more

in the top right corner of Teams, then Settings > Notifications.